Guru Yoga

Guru yoga is a key part of vajrayana practice. The process of merging your own mind with your teacher’s allows you to see beyond the limited scope of the individual ego and travel through the portal of the teacher’s mind into the selfless realization of the ultimate inseparable nature of mind that pervades all sentient beings and Buddhas throughout the entire universe and the three times. Here you will find a variety of methods to accomplish this.

Daily Guru Yoga Practice of Milarepa by Pawopa

This is a very concise Guru yoga practice of Milarepa composed by one of the Pawo Lamas. (5 pages)

Empowerment of Samadhi by Jigten Sumgon

This concise text by Jigten Sumgön (1143-1217) contains the entire scope of vajrayana practice. It includes all elements of Five-Fold Mahamudra, including bodhichitta, the yidam deity, Guru yoga, mahamudra, and dedication. These are all presented in the context of receiving the four unsurpassed union tantra empowerments from the ultimate Guru Vajradhara within our own minds. (6 pages)

Method to Realize the Essential Nature of the Root Guru by Rinchen Phuntshog

This is a profound Guru yoga practice that Rinchen Phüntshog (1509-1557) created for his students at their request. It is from a Dzogchen perspective. It contains the Dzogchen instructions of one of his own root Gurus, Ngari Panchen. (14 pages)

Most Secret Single Syllable Hum – Secret Dorje Drolo Guru Sadhana Revealed by Rinchen Phuntshog

This secret wrathful Padmasambhava, Dorje Drolö, sadhana is from the Yangzab treasure cycle transmitted by Padmasambhava into the mind of Rinchen Phüntshog. Padmasambhava’s instructions are to realize that you are none other than Padmasambhava. (8 pages)

Practice of the Guru Who Holds the Power of Life by Rigdzin Chokyi Dragpa

This Guru Who Holds the Power of Life, or Tsewang Dzinpa, sadhana also comes from the Yangzab treasure cycle transmitted by Padmasambhava into the mind of Rinchen Phüntshog. Rinchen Phüntshog’s grandson and incarnation, Rigdzin Chökyi Dragpa (1595-1659), compiled this based on the original root treasure material. There are more materials on this practice in the bookstore. (15 pages)

Vajrayogini Yeshe Tsogyal’s Condensed Essence Sadhana by Jnana

This is an extremely concise practice to accomplish the nature of Yeshe Tsogyal, an emanation of Vajrayogini, who manifested as an enlightened female Buddha in Tibet to guide Tibetans and help Padmasambhava in the process of creating and hiding terma treasures containing methods to attain enlightenment in the minds of certain beings in the future. Like Padmasambhava, she does not die and is always there, when we think of her. (4 pages)