Secret Sadhanas of the Guru Who Holds the Power of Life



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45 pages

This is a collection of two sadhanas on the Guru Who Holds Power Over Life (Lama Tsewang Dzinpa). In this practice one visualizes oneself in a wrathful form of the Guru Padmasambhava. The practice is done from the perspective of the Dzogchen teachings. Relatively, this can help one to overcome all obstacles to meditation practice and achieve long life. Ultimately, this practice catalyzes swift enlightenment through the process of merging one’s own mind with the Guru of primordial wisdom. In this collection is the elaborate root treasure text discovered by Rinchen Phüntshog (1509-1557) with detailed instructions and branches of practice coupled by with a concise and accessible sadhana by Rigdzin Chökyi Dragpa (1595-1659). This collection is presented for individual or group practice with English translations, transliterations, and the original Tibetan.

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