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Note: This is the Second Edition of this translation that includes a number of key revisions and edits made with the kind assistance of Khenpo Yeshi and others. 

This translation comes from the Innermost Profound Realization of the Sublime Dharma. The treasure cycle is commonly known as the Yangzab treasure cycle. It contains instructions that were taught and hidden as treasure by Padmasambhava. These instructions were then revealed in their current form by Rinchen Phüntshog in the 16th century.

The Perfection of All the Primordial Wisdoms of the Completion Stage lays at the heart of the entire Yangzab cycle. It presents the entire path of dzogchen from the dzogchen preliminaries of separating samsara and nirvana (khorde rushen) all the way through the advanced practices to realize the four stages of the visions of direct crossing (tögal).

On how to utilize the instructions of the Perfection of All the Primordial Wisdoms of the Completion StageRigdzin Chökyi Dragpa taught:

“The practice of cutting through (khregs chod) is the foundation stone of practice. The practice of direct crossing (thod rgal) is used to enhance that. These days people carelessly teach “according to mahamudra, the mind is empty and free from arising, abiding, and ceasing. Whatever arises, just sustain that.” Having done that, they do not practice the direct crossing teachings of the great perfection of luminosity as they truly should be done. Therefore, it is extremely important to first have a real taste of the practice of cutting through.”

“Through that, by not meditating, Buddhahood is reached, becoming a yogi that takes the ground of primordial purity onto the path. Then, at this point, by meditating upon the spontaneous presence of the ground, Buddhahood is reached, through the instructions on actualizing the direct crossing into the vajra essence of the luminosity of the innate great perfection. As for these teachings, there are the postures of the three kayas that are the key points of the body. There is the key point of speech, which is to leave it behind. There is the key point of mind, which is to focus in a state that does not waver from cutting through, while dwelling in solitude. Without wavering from those three key points, one concentrates on the key point of the gateway, object, and breath.”

“Practicing in that way, there is the vision of seeing reality directly, vision of the increase of experiences, vision of the culmination of awareness, and vision of the consummation of reality. By practicing the great luminosity and emptiness of the four visions, there will be the culmination of the visionary signs according to the root text. After the main instructions found on these yellow scrolls, there were the generally taught signs of the bardo. However, for the practice of the future generations of fortunate followers of the treasure revealing awareness holders, these were not transcribed. This is because (the treasure revealer Rinchen Phüntsog) understood the marvelous interdependence of how diligent practitioners would be able to accomplish the vajra kaya of the great rainbow body of light without remainder. So practitioners, what can you do, but drag your corpse off your beds and practice?”

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