The dharma protectors assist practitioners through various enlightened activities and help us guard against our enemies of inner afflictive emotions, adverse circumstances, and obstacles that hinder us as we strive to attain enlightenment for all beings.

A Concise Prayer to the Three Roots and Oath-Bound Protectors by Garchen Rinpoche

This is a profound short prayer and torma offering to the Gurus, yidams, dakinis, and many of the dharma protectors of the Kagyü and Nyingma traditions, composed by the present Garchen Rinpoche when he was fifteen years old. This translation includes Garchen Rinpoche’s clarifying remarks on the practice.

Concise Prayers and Offerings to Mahakala, Achi, and Ekajati

Here are very concise prayers and offerings to the dharma protectors Mahakala, Achi Chökyi Drölma, and Ekajati.