Achi Chökyi Drönma’s Illuminating Essence



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This is a collection of two essential texts on Achi Chökyi Drönma, the enlightened grandmother protectress, by Rinchen Phüntshog (1509-1557). The first text is the Story of the Lives of the Dharma Protectress Achi Chökyi Dronma, which details Achi’s previous incarnations, her dakini nature, and her life as Jigten Sumgön’s great grandmother. Next, there is Illuminating the Essence: Peaceful and Wrathful Sadhanas of the Dharma Protectress Achi, Main Deity and Retinue. Rinchen Phüntshog weaves together the entire tradition of Achi into this text, which contains important prayers by Jigten Sumgön and others. This powerful text is itself a collection of many stages of Achi practice and is designed to be used by dedicated practitioners. It includes visualizations for protection, repelling, self-visualization as Vajrayogini, the peaceful sadhana of standing Achi and her retinue, and the wrathful sadhana of Achi and her retinue on their mounts.

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