Most Profound Six Dharmas of the Completion Stage



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This is a collection of texts from the Most Profound Intention of the Sublime Dharma (Damchö Gongpa Yangzab) Treasure Cycle composed by Padmasambhava and discovered by Rinchen Phüntshog (1509-1557) that deal with the completion stage with characteristics. The instructions parallel the famous Six Dharmas of Naropa. Included are translations of the root texts: Supreme Blazing of the Primordial Wisdom of Chandali (Tummo), Luminosity that Clears Away the Darkness of Ignorance, Practice of Dreams that Conquers All Confusion, Unobstructed Primordial Wisdom Transference, and Illusory Body: Freedom from All Bondage. There are also two supplemental commentaries included. First, there is the text entitled Bardo Instructions: A Supplement to the Most Profound Six Dharmas. Second, there is Illuminating the Meaning of Lord Ratna’s Words: Concise Instructions on the Supreme Blazing of the Primordial Wisdom of Chandali (Tummo). Together, these instructions by Padmasambhava, along with the commentaries, present a clear and profound approach to how one can attain enlightenment through utilizing the secret qualities of the hidden vajra body, deep sleep, dreams, the waking state, death, and beyond.

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