Achi Chökyi Drolma, Sole Mother of Nanamza Pure Vision



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This is an amazing collection of sadhanas dealing with many aspects of Achi Chökyi Drölma based on pure visions by Tritsab Gyabra Thubten Rinpoche (1921-1979). This text includes the entire pure vision collection consisting of: The Most Secret Sadhana of the Guru, Concise Ganachakra, Inner Sadhana of the Yidam (Vajrakilaya), Secret Sadhana of the Dakini Dharmatara, Ritual of Summoning Prosperity, Practice of Divination, Outer Sadhana of the Life-force of the Dharma Protectress Dharmatara, Concise Smoke Offering, Golden Beverage Offering, and Summoning Longevity. This collection is presented for individual or group practice with English translations, transliterations, and the original Tibetan.

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