Khandro Nyingthig Dzogchen Tantras and Commentaries



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This is a collection of sixteen different texts. Of these, first there are the six root Liberation by Wearing tantras of the Khandro Nyingthig: the Liberation by Wearing Essence Tantra, Knowing One Thing All is Liberated Tantra, Single Golden Syllable of the Quintessence Tantra, Seed of the Single Child Tantra, Self-Arisen Awareness Tantra, and Complete Great Perfection of the Fruition Tantra. Next, there is a series of six commentaries on each of the root tantras. The tantras are expressions of dzogchen instruction concerning the nature of reality that come from the primordial father and mother Buddhas, Samantabhadra and Samantabhadri. The commentaries go into detail about the subtle meanings contained and hidden in the pithy poetry of the root tantras. Next, there are the Three Last Testaments of the Buddhas, revealed directly to the first human dzogchen master, Garab Dorje. Last, there is the most lengthy text in this collection entitled the Essential Instructions on the Liberation by Wearing Tantras by Garab Dorje. In this he presents practical instructions on the entire dzogchen path from the preliminaries of khorde rushen, through tregchö and thögal. He weaves his instructions through quotes from the Liberation by Wearing Tantras, Three Last Testaments of the Buddhas, and other dzogchen tantras.

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