Secret Sections of the Oral Instructions from the Khandro Nyingthig



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To understand the background, inner depths, enhancing techniques, and highest potential of the dakini sadhanas contained in the Khandro Nyingthig treasures, there are two amazing definitely interrelated treasure texts entitled the Secret Sections of Oral Instructions and the Five Key Points of Instruction. The Secret Sections of Oral Instructions is based directly on the view of the seventeen Dzogchen tantras in general and specifically Samantabhadri’s flawless Heart Blood of All the Dakinis, Secret Tantra of the Blazing Sun of the Luminous Expanse that she taught to the dakinis of the five families. It contains the condensed meaning of the secret sections of the heart bindu practices that are the essential key points of the tantras. Their meaning is condensed into few words in a way that is easy to practice and is presented with the aspiration that it might meet with fortunate ones in future generations.

It has three parts: Understanding the ground of reality, understanding how things are, and understanding practice. The ground is explained in two ways: the universal ground and the ground of confusion. In explaining the ground of the confused universe, there is a detailed description of how the five elements arise, how different sentient beings arise, how we get bodies, and how primordial wisdom awareness abides. In describing the nature of our bodies there is a detailed presentation of the interrelationships between our physical form and the subtle channels, subtle energies, and essences. In particular, the secret Dzogchen channels utilized in direct crossing (thod rgal) are also described.

Then, there is a description of how the male and female dakinis dwell within our psycho-physical make-up. This directly complements the understandings of the Instantaneously Accomplishing the Dakini Sadhanas of the Khandro Nyingthig, pointing out the inner aspects of these dakinis within us. Ultimately, we are shown how our bodies, subtle channels, energies, and essences are none other than the infinite mandala of the peaceful and wrathful deities. After presenting the interrelationships between the male and female dakinis and the lamps of direct crossing, we are given the inner keys to free ourselves from the universes of confusion into innate enlightenment. The last section on practice has three parts: innate practice, the practice of the key points, and visualized practices. The innate practices are done to understand how the male and female dakinis naturally dwell within all of our aspects. The practice of the key points is described in the accompanying text: Five Key Points of Instruction. The final part of the Secret Sections of Oral Instructions describes methods to heal all sorts of samsaric illnesses.

The Five Key Points of Instruction, also based on the Heart Blood of All the Dakinis, Secret Tantra of the Blazing Sun of the Luminous Expanse, contains the outer, inner, secret, most secret, and unsurpassed key points. The outer key point is understanding the subtle nature of the outer universe. The inner key point is understanding the subtle natures of sentient beings. The secret key point is the practice of working with the dance of the male and female dakinis in our subtle channels and chakras, energies, and subtle sexual essences or bindus, cultivating ultimate bliss to unravel the delusions of our ordinary physical forms. The most secret key point contains instructions on how to work with a sexual partner. This is a large part of the entire text. These instructions are very detailed and practical in describing how we might harness the infinite power of physical and mental bliss to reach enlightenment. These are Padmasambhava’s instructions on how to perform the such secret practices. They are translated here for those that have received the proper transmissions and are ready to embark and learn such a path with a pure motivation of love and compassion for all beings. Last, the unsurpassed key point is understanding the underlying nature and ways to heal all the outer, inner, and secret sicknesses in cyclic existence through the healing practices of the male and female dakinis.

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