Five Secret Heart Varahi Dakinis



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The Five Secret Heart Varahi Dakinis practice in the Yangzab tradition contains the practices of the dakini from the perspectives of maha, anu, and ati yoga as taught to Padmasambhava by Vajravarahi herself. The mahayoga style dakini practice is an essential generation stage practice wherein we cultivate the realization of our body, speech, and mind as being the five Varahi dakinis. The anuyoga style then introduces the practices of working with the subtle channels, energies, and essences of the body. Elaborately, there are the six dharmas of: inner fire tummo, luminosity of deep sleep, practice of dreams, illusory body, phowa, and the bardo that are connected to the completion stage of this dakini practice. The atiyoga style introduces the dakini as the primordially pure nature of the mind through the practice of cutting through conceptual thoughts (tregchö) and the mind’s spontaneous presence through the practice of directly crossing (tögal) into the visions of the three kayas.

This is a large collection of six different translations of key materials on the Yangzab Five Secret Heart Varahi Dakinispractice. These all have the original Tibetan alongside the English to facilitate study, teaching, and transmission. This collection is relevant not only those who practice this particular form of the dakini. The commentary goes into great detail about the subtle ways we can connect with the nature of the dakini day and night, in retreat context and beyond, through the views of secret mantra in general and especially according to the inner practices of anuyoga and dzogchen.

  1. Five Secret Heart Varahi Dakinis Root Treasure revealed by Rinchen Phüntshog
  2. Five Secret Heart Varahi Dakinis Ganachakra Feast by Rigdzin Chökyi Dragpa
  3. Profound Secret Piece of the Heart: Unelaborate Daily Practice by Orgyen Nüden Dorje
  4. Profound Secret Essence – Five Secret Heart Varahi Dakinis Lineage Prayer by Tsetrül Chökyi Gyalpo
  5. Profound Ultimate Quintessence of Ratna’s Realization – Five Secret Heart Varahi Dakinis Practice by Orgyen Nüden Dorje
  6. Opening the Portal to the Profound Path Practice Manual for the Five Secret Heart Varahi Dakinis Practice by Tsetrül Chökyi Gyalpo

On this practice Rigdzin Chökyi Dragpa taught:

As for the deity instructions, according to the root sadhana, the Varahis of the primordially abiding ground are the five elements, the five aggregates, the enlightened body, speech, mind, qualities, and activities, five directions, and so forth. All these have the nature of the five Varahis. As for the ultimate Vajravarahi Yogini that transcends thought, even though she transcends distinctions, she is offered through the way of pursuing her seed syllables.

After doing the outer, inner, and secret five branches, there is the Outer Mahayoga Style Sadhana. One first cultivates the stages of the elements, immeasurable palace, and pure deities. Generating the deity and applying the three things to carry (deity, mantra, and awareness), there is the approach, accomplishment, and activities all condensed into one. Then, there is the Inner Anuyoga Style Sadhana. For this, in the five chakras of the body, the body mandala is accomplished. Then, there is the Secret Atiyoga Style Sadhana. This is accomplished in the manner of cultivating certainty in seizing the accomplishment that one’s mind has primordially be Vajravarahi.

After that, there is the visualization and praise of the symbolic elements of Vajravarahi’s form and aspiration all combined into one. In that way, in this root sadhana of the five Varahis all the outer, inner, and secret essential key points of practice are given in few words with all of the meaning. These are presented in a manner like just having the seed syllables. There can be vast expanded commentary on meaning of these outer, inner, and secret vajrayana words, by a wise Guru that has experience in scriptures and reasoning that covers the vast and profound deep hard to realize essential key points.

If you find a suitable student who abides in faith and samaya, who does not seek teachers outside the vajrayana, who can understand such materials, it is delightful for a vajra master to teach such as student. It is delightful for such a student to receive such teachings. The fruition of this practice is the attainment of the great rainbow body light mass of Buddhahood that can be truly manifested right now.

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