Coemergent Hevajra and the Six Dharmas of Naropa



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This is a collection of two very important texts by the 17th century meditation master Rigdzin Chökyi Dragpa. The first is a complete sadhana for the Coemergent form of Hevajra that includes all the traditional elements of generation stage practice, like the torma offerings, ganachakra, and so forth. The second text is a complete and concise commentary on the famous Six Dharmas of Naropa.

This text begins with the preliminary trainings on the channels, winds, and bindus. Then, there are the main practices of the Six Dharmas of Naropa. These consist of the four root dharmas and the two branch dharmas. The four root dharmas are the practices of inner fire (tummo), luminosity (ösal), dreams (milam), and the illusory body (gyulü). The two branch dharmas are that of transference (phowa) and the in-between state (bardo).

Inner fire practice utilizes the navel chakra, taking our breath and sexual energy onto the path. Luminosity practice utilizes the heart chakra, taking the state of deep sleep onto the path. The practice of dreams or dream yoga utilizes the throat chakra, taking the state of dreaming onto the path. Illusory body practice utilizes the crown chakra, taking the waking state onto the path. The practice of transference allows one to transform the time of death into enlightenment. In this Drigung Kagyü Six Dharmas of Naropa tradition, there are three unique types of transference presented to attain enlightenment in the dharmakaya, sambhogakaya, and nirmanakaya. This is different than the more common traditions of transference. Finally, there are the bardo instructions to help one navigate and attain enlightenment in the state after death if necessary. Together the Six Dharmas of Naropa present a swift path that allows one to practice throughout all states of reality to attain enlightenment. These profound instructions include both the Tibetan and English translation to facilitate transmission.

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